Painted in Waterlogue

Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down,
    but a good word makes him glad.

Proverbs 12:25

Ooh, it’s been rather a long time since I posted! Sometimes I think we need seasons of time away from a project or activity and then our energy and inspiration can be renewed. I’ve been pretty busy on a number of projects, including my series on the Minor Prophets (which you can find on Dave Roberts’ Partakers site here) and I’ve also been exploring some different approaches to prayer. There’s a lot to be learned from some of the contemplative practices which are familiar to many monastic traditions. I may share some more about that in the coming weeks…

The thought I wanted to share today is about encouragement. Yesterday I was feeling a little despondent about something I was working on and I reckon Satan was having a go at discouraging me in an attempt to make me give up. Yesterday evening I received a message from a friend about this very same project, which was so encouraging and up-lifting.

God uses us to encourage each other.

If you have any sense at all that God is prompting you to encourage another believer, just do it! 🙂


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