Rock of refuge

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Be to me a rock of refuge, to which I may continually come; you have given the command to save me, for you are my rock and my fortress. Psalm 71:3

He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will never be shaken. Psalm 62:2

No matter what is happening in life, God is unchanging. He is a firm foundation, unlike the shifting sands of the world. He is a safe hiding place.

Notice that we can come to him continually. In good times, or bad times; whether full or empty; day or night. No matter what else falls away or lets us down, God will always remain the same and he will always be for you.

In these psalms, David is able to proclaim that he will never be shaken. To be honest, there are times when I feel pretty shaken – when fear, anxiety or doubt threaten my peace. However, when I choose to take refuge in God, I can find that spiritual buoyancy which is joy, even in the midst of trials.


The Hopes of the Helpless


Lord, you know the hopes of the helpless.
Surely you will hear their cries and comfort them.
You will bring justice to the orphans and the oppressed,
so mere people can no longer terrify them.

Psalm 10:17-18 (NLT)

As we think about Christians around the world who are oppressed, the psalms help us to find the words to pray. When evil seems to prevail, God is still good and he is still in control. He hears the cries of the refugee, the orphan and the widow. Even the most powerful human leaders who abuse their authority and influence are ‘mere people’ who are utterly powerless before the judgement seat of God. No-one is getting away with anything – God sees everything and his justice will come.